December 19, 2009

Holiday, I Wait for You

Monday will be the last day before holiday *finally..i already had so many plans for this holiday ,really want to relax my mind from everything including holiday assignments from lecturer..2 weeks will pass quickly and i have to enjoy every time on it.Tuesday is my father's birthday and until now i'm still confused what thing would i give to him as a present,any idea?oh ya as i promise in my older post i will show you my latest project that will takes a quite longer time to finish it.

All the materials and sketch

Anyway i've been featured on High End Teen magazine =)


November 21, 2009

My Pleasure

Today is the first day New Moon showed at xxi Ex,excited for watch it because i'm so curious about the continuation love between Edward cullen and bella swan.
It just 9.30 AM when silvi and i arrived to xxi Ex but it was seen a very long queue,feel shocked?yes i do,i think its still too early for go to the mall and it also weekend so people will prefer to sleep till noon..

Standing in a line more than 2 hours, finally we can get that "golden ticket" ..Anyway rosa and mucu also joined us but they came later on and the bad news is because of almost all the theatre were full so our seat was dispersed

It was already 12.00 pm.Time to sit and enjoy the film..The film duration is about 2 hours..hmm if Twilight told us almost full story between edward and Bella ,in New Moon we can saw Bella also fall in love with jacob,the story more complicated than twilight but it still showed many romantic scenes on it..Taylor Lautner really looks different here,he looks so damn HOT..However i still choose Robert Pattinson to be my boyfriend ;p .

Feel tired today but its really worth it.. no regret to watch it..i recommended this movie for this weekend..


November 05, 2009


Finally my skirt was done =)) i'm really happy because this is my first project in Bunka

the sketch

all the materials

first time using it

I still can't believe that i really made it by myself ;p ,my next project it baloon skirt..i wish i could finish it ASAP

goodnite everyone