May 19, 2011

Big smile on my face

Lately there is just too many new lessons and experiences to even write about. Here is the short version:
- shooting for my uni video profile, so excited :D
-actually teaching is a fun activity however we need to know the strategies of it,i've tried anw
-sometimes a little thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you can't because things have changed so much
-feel a bit down these days but thanks god i have an incredible friends and family who always support me and cheer me up
-Never postpone until tomorrow what you can do now otherwise you'll postponed it again day after day

May 14, 2011

For me this is heaven

i got one week holiday,enjoy those precious days with doing my fav things such as shopping and photoshoots really bring lots of joy to my heart.The most important is got a wonderful 12 hours of beauty rest ;D

May 04, 2011

Indescribable grace

Decided to cut my bangs off,looks more chubbier with the bangs and it also the effect of eating too much during midtest.When i'm stressed, i'm not thinking to the moment – a chocolate bar from the refrigerator, pick up Burger King for supper and so on .anw midtest is over,WELCOME BACK HEALTHY LIFE