October 30, 2010

Up and Down

Wearing my new creation, Puff Sleeve Dress ..i face a bit difficulty when i have to sew a rubber thread on it but the results really satisfying me

October 24, 2010

getting old

Last friday is my 18 birthday..i'm very grateful to God for what i've got now ,i wish i can be a better person than before..i got many greetings from my family and my dearest friends,thanks all..it means alot for me..totally a perfect weekend

bday cake from my besties ;*

October 15, 2010


In my best mood since my weight back to normal ,after gained 2 kgs when i was in China..Thanks God

October 09, 2010

Almost Forgotten

Hey readers,hows your weekend? i will be so busy this semester,all subjects have an assignment to do til i don't have a time for blogging..btw i forgot to post my photos when i was in Singapore a month ago