July 15, 2010

Less than 24 hours

I just imagined tomorrow at this time i will be in Guangzhou. Lil bit nervous coz i can't speak chinese fluently but i'll try my best on there.Won't blogging for a month so i'll share you my story when i'm back.Anyway i got a good news,i pass all the subject and the results really makes me surprised,Thanks god..
ok,c yaaaa

July 12, 2010

Gain Weight

Dinner with my family yesterday at syailendra restaurant,JW Marriot hotel..chocolate fondue definitely attracting me ;p

July 05, 2010


Holiday is coming,i have lotsa plan for this long holiday so i think 2,5 months isn't enough to do it..First i will be participating in summer course in South China University of Technology,China..i will be there for 26 days and then when i'm back ,another duty is already wait for me which is mentoring program so with that limited time i hope i still can having fun with my friends

Have a great holiday guys ;*