August 28, 2010


Hi readers sorry for the very late post,as i promised i will tell you a lil bit about my summer camp program. Most of the students who take a part in this program come from UK,Indonesia,Vietnam,Japan,Mongolia,Holland,Thailand,Canada and America.We learn chinese languange such as listening and speaking,calligraphy,basic chinese,chinese geography.On the other hand we also learn about chinese culture including make a dumpling,wushu,chinese folk song,dancing etc.Anyway i can easily adapt with china culture,food ,environment and everything in Guangzhou so i feel really sad when it was a time to go home ,be separated with some close friends from different country and the most thing that i love from Guangzhou is we can get a unique stuff with the lower price.. ;p

Indonesian group

school uniform

make a dumpling class

calligraphy class

make a lantern class

ye xiu park

campus area

yuntai garden

pearl river

china's traditional clothes

For me this is one of the greatest summer ever ,hope someday i can meet you guys again <3

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