November 11, 2010


Attended Jakarta Fashion Week - The Style Maker yesterday ,Designers for that show are Chossy Latu, Itang Yunasz ,Carmanita, Denny Wirawan, Andreas Odang,Billy Tjong and Eny Ming..enjoyed the whole show even i was very tired because i directly go there from my course place. Sorry for the bad quality pictures,using my iphone. Actually i brought 2 cameras but i forgot to charged it first,stupid me..

chossy latu using songket palembang

A collection inspired by a broken heart by Andreas Odang

a touch of tenun by Denny Wirawan,uber cool

Eny Ming convert a bag into a vest,too creative

Carmanita with her wrapping technique skill

Suatu hari di Indonesia by Billy Tjong

red and orange dominate itang yunasz collection

my favourite designer that day goes to Eny Ming,i couldn't believe she makes a transformation convert a bag into a vest..The audience feel speechless in awestruck fascination ,its really such a great idea talk about green fashion


  1. the designer creations look adorable!
    i like the billy tjong one
    hmm the photos were taken at this real court building
    not universal studios heheh
    have a great weekend

  2. like ur outfit, in particular ur jacket!


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